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Compassionate Representation For Bike Accident Victims

When we talk about bicycle accidents, we are not talking about a bicyclist falling off a bike and skinning a knee. We’re talking about a bicyclist getting hit by a car or a truck. These are grizzly accidents, and, with the speed of transit in New York, are entirely too common.

At Bardizbanian & Associates, P.C., we represent bicyclists who have been injured in traffic accidents. We have seen many bike accidents. We know how to handle your case with compassion and care, and we know how to get you the best compensation award possible.

Compensation For Injuries And Losses

After a bike accident, you need to talk with a lawyer right away. In addition to the pain you are experiencing, you will have medical costs, lost wages and other series losses. The law is clear that a person acting negligently will have to compensate anyone who suffers because of that negligence.

At Bardizbanian & Associates, P.C., we have a wealth of experience proving negligence and showing the life-long costs and losses that victims experience as a result.

Making sure you’re covered for the full cost of your injuries over the course of your lifetime: This is what differentiates us from the insurance companies that offer nice looking settlements that will never cover the extent of long-term injuries and losses.

Contact Us To Get The Compensation You Need

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