Leading causes of vehicle accidents

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Highway accidents happen far too often in the state of New York, and they occur for a wide variety of reasons. However, there are some common scenarios that include certain similar evidence when the accidents are the subject of lawsuits. It is true enough that human error is central to causing many collisions, and especially when driving at a high rate of speed. but certain practices by drivers make a major contribution.

Distracted driving

While distracted driving has largely been brought to public attention over cell phone usage contributing to serious highway collisions, the truth is that distracted driving has been around for a long time. Now that video devices for autos have also become popular, technological distractions have become even worse even with hands-free operation. Along with talking to other passengers in a vehicle while in transit, listening to audio devices at high volume or eating and drinking while driving has been a bad driving practice for decades. Attorneys in New York who represent victims of motor vehicle accidents have witnessed this for a long time.

Driving under the influence

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was the primary catalyst behind awareness of impaired driving several decades ago. There was no set standard for many years regarding level of intoxication, and prosecutors were allowed to negotiate plea agreements in serious cases where the court intended to prosecute harshly. This is no longer the case, but even strict application of the .08 BAC intoxication level has still resulted in many deadly accidents annually. Mental clarity is still an issue in motor vehicle accidents.

Mechanical failure

Another issue that still creates problems on the highways is mechanical failure, Older vehicle models are naturally being removed from the roadways, but newer vehicles still experience mechanical dysfunctions such as flat tires or brake failure that can contribute significantly to accident causation. And, this is especially true in serious trucking accidents when tread breaks loose from a tire or a rim actually falls off while moving on the road.