The dangers SUVs pose to pedestrians

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The average car is much larger than the average person walking, biking or jogging on a New York road. Therefore, a pedestrian is likely going to experience significant injuries if struck by a vehicle. However, those injuries may be especially severe if that person is hit by an SUV.

SUVs tend to be heavier than a typical car

As an SUV is heavier than a traditional passenger car, it will exert more force on a victim upon impact. This increases the risk that a person is thrown forward, which could increase the severity of his or her injuries, and it could also increase the risk of a pedestrian accident fatality.

A pedestrian may be hit twice in the same collision

As a general rule, an SUV is taller than a generic sedan or hatchback. Therefore, it is more likely to take a person’s legs out upon impact, and while that person is falling to the ground, he or she will likely be struck in the chest or pelvis area.

Drivers and pedestrians are both responsible for their own safety

If you drive an SUV, you’re encouraged to drive in a safe and responsible manner to minimize your risk of hitting a biker or jogger. This means that you should drive at speeds reasonable for road conditions, avoid distractions and constantly scan the road for signs that someone may try to cross the street.

If you’re a pedestrian, it’s in your best interest to avoid walking while distracted or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, you can make yourself more visible by wearing reflective clothing at night.