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Have You Been Hurt On A Construction Site?

Everyone knows about the dangers of a construction site for those men and women engaged in construction work. But the fact is: Construction sites are extremely dangerous for bystanders, as well. With the amount of construction going on in New York at any given time, we are constantly at risk of some kind of accident related to construction.

At Bardizbanian & Associates, P.C. in Richmond Hill, our lawyers can help you. We handle legal claims involving accidents on construction sites and other personal injury claims. Representing clients throughout Queens, all NYC boroughs, as well as Nassau and Suffolk County, we have seen all types of construction site accidents. Our attorneys are compassionate, responsive and aggressive in protecting our clients’ right to fair compensation.

Construction Sites In Queens

Anyone who has lived here for any length of time has seen the common construction scenarios that present extraordinary danger to those passing by:

  • Scaffolding: You can’t live in New York without walking under sidewalk scaffolding. But these scaffolds do tip or collapse sometimes, causing major injuries.
  • Roadwork: It seems sometimes that there is roadwork on every corner in New York. These scenes can cause premises liability claims or motor vehicle accidents.
  • Building demolitions: The gigantic wrecking ball used to topple buildings in New York poses an extraordinary danger.
  • Residential construction: Even construction work on homes and other personal properties can present extraordinary dangers.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on a construction site, do not try to handle your case by yourself. Make sure you work with a law firm you can trust.

Construction site injury litigation can get complicated when dealing with contractors and subcontractors. Don’t worry about it. Talk to Bardizbanian & Associates, P.C.. We will hold the right people responsible.

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