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Personal Injury



When you are physically injured as a result of an accident it is important to act quickly. You will need a compassionate, aggressive and knowledgeable attorney to help guide you through the legal process and ensure you get the treatment and care you deserve. Costs for medical treatment and lost wages can pile up quickly and become overwhelming, leaving you struggling to fulfill you financial obligations. Don’t wait and allow yourself to be victimized by not only your injuries but the financial consequences that follow. The Law Offices of Bardizbanian & Associates P.C. will be there for you, every step of the way.

Negligence and Plaintiff’s Rights

When you are injured in an accident due to the negligence of another you may be entitled to compensation. Negligence is a cause of action, or part of a set of facts that makes a lawsuit appropriate in almost all personal injury cases. Negligence occurs when one party breaches its duty and causes harm to another. Most times that duty is simply exercising reasonable care. In a motor vehicle accident for example a driver who is talking on his cell phone or is texting while driving can become distracted. In that case the driver is not exercising reasonable care. If the careless driver causes a car accident, the driver and/or the driver’s insurance company may be liable for any injuries caused.

Corporations can also be liable for negligence. For example, a corporation might fail to maintain its property in a safe manner and as a result someone is injured in a fall or other accident. Additionally, a company is vicariously responsible for the negligence of their employees if that negligence is committed within their scope of employment.

Our Promise

The principal of the firm Simon Bardizbanian Esq. has been providing clients with expert, ethical and reliable legal representation for over 20 years. At Bardizbanian & Associates P.C. we are committed to prosecuting your case aggressively. We believe in providing personalized service to all of our clients. Rest assured that we will keep you informed every step of the way. All your questions and concerns will be addressed. Unlike some larger law firms you won’t get lost in the shuffle or just become a number. You can always speak to an attorney about your case. We will work tirelessly toward getting you fair and reasonable compensation.

If you or someone you know is injured in an accident just give us a call. Remember:

Consultations for personal injury case are always free!

Legal Fees

For plaintiff’s personal injury cases Bardizbanian & Associates P.C.  does not charge an up-front or hourly fee. We work on a "contingency" fee basis. This means that if we agree to take your case, we will only take a fee if you receive a settlement or verdict. The fee is a percentage of the recovery.  If no monetary award is recovered, Bardizbanian & Associates P.C.  won’t take a legal fee.  This fee arrangement allows people of all income levels access to quality legal representation.

Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

Did you trip or slip and fall in a public or private area, retail establishment, sidewalk, or parking lot? Property and business owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises clear and free from any known hazards.  They must also take action to correct a defect or danger within a reasonable amount of time.  We have helped clients injured as a result of a variety of defects including but not limited to potholes, sidewalk defects (raised or uneven), safety code violations, build up or existence of snow and ice, defective staircases, protruding objects, escalators, improper lighting, and improper repair to structures.

Automobile Accidents

Whether you are injured as a passenger, driver, pedestrian or bicycle rider, you may be entitled to recover for your injuries.  In addition to compensation for you pain and suffering you may be entitled to No Fault Insurance benefits including but not limited to coverage for ambulance and hospital expenses, doctors’ bills, prescription drugs and diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and MRI’s as well as therapeutic services such as physical therapy and chiropractic services.  No Fault benefits may also entitle you to reimbursement for lost wages and travel expenses related to your treatment.  New York State "no-fault" benefits are available regardless of whose fault the accident was.

In New York state in order to bring a claim for pain and suffering an injured party must prove that they suffered a “serious injury” as defined by Section 5102(d) of the New York State Insurance Law.   Certain “serious injuries” will be more obvious such as broken bones, bad scarring, loss of a fetus and other crippling injuries.  There are however many other or “lesser” injuries that can still be considered as "serious."  What rises to the level of a "serious injury” is a legal and factual determination based upon objective medical evidence.   Don’t be your own lawyer or doctor.  Don’t just accept an insurance companies determination that your injuries are minor or not serious. All you should have to worry about is getting the medical treatment you need and focusing on getting better.  Let us fight for you!

Other Negligence

Our firm has experience handling many other types of personal injury claims including but not limited to construction and workplace accidents, negligent supervision cases, motorcycle accidents, various homeowner negligence claims, dog bites, wrongful arrest, food poisoning, assault, battery and other intentional torts.

It is almost impossible to list all the ways that someone may be injured due to the negligence of another so if you are injured in any manner, give us a call to speak to an attorney on the phone about your situation or set up a free consultation. 

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