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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Assertive Legal Representation When You Are Injured

A motor vehicle accident can change lives in an instant. Injuries can result in extended periods of missed work and mountains of bills for medical care. In some cases, injuries may be permanent and catastrophic. When a serious injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence, you should not suffer financially or physically.

At Bardizbanian & Associates, P.C., we provide assertive legal representation for individuals who have been injured in car and truck accidents in New York City. We also represent clients who are injured in subway accidents, bus accidents, bicycling or pedestrian accidents, construction accidents or other similar incidents.

We Stand Up To Insurance Companies

Often, injured people are surprised to discover that an insurance company – either their own or that of an at-fault party – is unwilling to cover the medical costs, lost wages and other compensation that an injured party should receive. Insurance companies are staffed with smart lawyers who know how to minimize the amount that is paid out in claims. That is why it is wise to put our experienced and savvy lawyers on your side. We stand up to the insurance providers and fight for the full amount you deserve.

We are experienced negotiators who can get compensation without the need to litigate. However, if the insurance company does not give a fair offer, we are always prepared to fight for a better resolution. We work closely with a large network of medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists, life care professionals and other experts who help us build strong cases.

Personal Service That Sets Us Apart

The path toward resolution can be lengthy in a personal injury case. This makes our focus on personal attention and continuous communication with clients an important distinction of how we work on cases. You will always be informed on the status of your case and what options you have going forward. You will always know what is happening with your case and the timeline for when that should occur.

As your case progresses, we will communicate with insurance companies on your behalf, as well as medical professionals or others who may be seeking payment.

Prompt Action Is Important

Some of the most important elements of a personal injury case occur early in the process. This includes collecting evidence and interviewing accident witnesses. It is important to enlist our services promptly so you are protected.

From our office in Richmond Hill, we represent all motor vehicle accident victims. Call 718-487-4468 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.